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The WEPF are pleased to reveal our new website

Please have a browse through and we would welcome your thoughts and comments.
We have worked hard to compile a detailed history of our World Championships, this includes the rankings, match stats and photos.

On behalf of the WEPF and all players I would personally like to thank Thierry Durand for his hard work, professionalism and commitment to bring you all this stunning website. Thank you Thierry!

Please share all our press releases and help spread the word that the WEPF are making the right moves.

Following this press release I will be making a few more announcements today and I will have a few move to announce very soon !

Kind Regards
WEPF Sponsorship and Marketing Director,
Lee Kendall


From the President’s desk

It is now nearly two months on since the conclusion of the World Championships held at the Imperial hotel in Blackpool England and hosted by the English Pool Association for the 27th year running.

The WEPF and its members are very grateful to the EPA for another successful event and the 27 years of massive contribution to the sport by hosting the event in England.

At the AGM of the WEPF on 22 June 2019 the members unanimously voted in favour for the event again to take place at the Imperial Hotel Blackpool in 2020, but also that from 2021 on the WEPF Executive will consider proposals from other countries to host the World Championships in their respective country.

Near the end of the World Championships 2019 a clear majority of members of the WEPF expressed the need for a meeting of the WEPF delegates which was set at the conclusion of the event on Friday the 28th June 2019 at 4pm.

At this meeting the members expressed various issues that they wanted the WEPF Executive to address moving forward, and at the conclusion resulted in the WEPF members giving directive on the following matters.

Changes to the WEPF Executive Committee new committee till the AGM of 2020 to be:-

  • President : Joe Fanto (Australia)
  • Vice President : Zak Shepherd (Wales)
  • Secretary : Paula Landers (England)
  • Treasurer : Vincent Degiorgio (Malta)
  • Marketing & Sponsorship : Lee Kendall (England)

All present expressed a vote of thanks for service rendered to the WEPF to the three outgoing members of the WEPF executive, Mike McDonald, Alan Benton and George Harwood, this was also followed by announcement and applause of thanks at the Award Presentation Night that same evening by some 400 players officials and guests present.

By directive of the delegates present at the meeting also announced at the Award night was the following:-

That the members voted for major change in the way the WEPF promote the game, a new fresh progressive approach.

The WEPF invites proposals from member countries to bid for hosting the World Championships in their respective countries, the World Championships are to move from England from time to time.

Thirdly by directive of the Delegates Meeting it was announced that the WEPF moving forward will welcome all Pool Players nominated by their member country, no matter what other pool discipline they play or what other tournaments they may have entered, all welcome to participate at the WEPF World Championships. (This was received with a massive round of applause by all present.)

10 August 2019 the WEPF had a Skype meeting where it was officially clarified and the decision of the AGM reaffirmed that in 2020 the World Championships will be hosted by the EPA and they will be in Blackpool England.

This enables other countries plenty of time to put a bid for hosting the World Championships in their respective country. It was also decided that bids should be into the WEPF Secretary by the 31 December 2019.

With respect to providing some exciting change and innovation to our World Championships our Marketing and Sponsorship officer Lee Kendall presented us with some new and exciting partnership offers :

For official World Championship Clothing, “Ultimate Team Gear”

New Triangle manufacturer to take the grief out of racking the balls, “The Top Rack”

Sponsor for a proposed new pairs event for Ladies and Men, Jason Owen providing 4 Bespoke Cues

We sincerely thank these new sponsors for coming forward but also are most grateful to our existing long time supporters of the WEPF World Championships Supreme and Strachan.

Other exciting projects in progress are to improve Live Stream, possibility of Television, looking at the technology to improve live scoring both for media and display at the event and currently major improvement and upgrade of our website.

Again thank you to all that took part at the 2019 World Championships as delegates officials or players, and for the tremendous work you do promoting the game throughout the year.

Yours in the Sport of Pool
Joe Fanto
President WEPF
25 August 2019



It is with great pleasure to announce that the WEPF will continue their long term sponsorship with Strachan and the World Championships for 2020 will now be playing on the new Strachan Superfine Grey cloth.

Strachan Superfine with AntikickTM technology gives you the speed, consistency and control only before experienced by the professionals. The new Strachan Superfine is a genuine innovation. It offers the club or home player the chance to replicate conditions only before experienced by the professional players. It is a light weight but durable, 100% wool, napped cloth that replicates the speed, control and consistency of the Championship No. 10 cloth used for all ranking pro tournaments since 1980, including the World Championships at Sheffield.

The Strachan Superfine is available in 160cm and 193cm and was developed with our partners in snooker and English pool.

For snooker the new Strachan Superfine cloth has been selected by the International Billiards and Snooker Federation (IBSF) for all of its tournaments in 2019 onwards including the IBSF World Championships.

In English pool, the WEPF Sponsorship and Marketing Director, Lee Kendall commented: “I strongly believe this cloth will be the future. The general feel, the responsiveness and the quickness put the cloth ahead of any other. Along with the amazing aesthetically looking silver colour giving English 8 ball the unique and distinctive look it as always needed”.

Stuart Gardiner, UK & Ireland Sales Manager for Strachan added: “Today’s players want speed from their cloth but not at the expense of control and response. Other manufacturers make quick cloth but the Superfine, by Strachan, is the only cloth that is fast, whilst offering tournament levels of control. The players are saying that it’s the best napped cloth that they have ever played on”.

Strachan Superfine snooker and pool cloth has AntikickTM technology which has almost eliminated the kick from the professional game and the pool version is treated with SpillGuardTM to protect your investment from accidental drink spillage.

We would personally like to thank Stuart for his hard work over the years and to also thank him for believing in the vision of the WEPF.

Lee Kendall
WEPF Sponsorship and Marketing Director



Over the last few weeks i have been working with UTG to finalise this deal for the WEPF.

It now gives me great pleasure to inform all countries we will playing in a bespoke designed shirt for the World Team Championships.

The World Eight Ball Pool Federation is proud to announce that Ultimate Team Gear will be the official shirt supplier for the WEPF 2020 World Championships.

Many of you may have heard of Ultimate Team Gear; however, if you are not familiar with them, you will have seen many players using them in the Mosconi Cup, the Weber Cup and most recently the World Cup of Pool that was on Sky.

The shirts are manufactured from the highest quality material and the look/feel of them is far superior than any other on the market.

Please follow this link to to view their products.

We would like to thank Ultimate Team Gear and Charles Peterson for their support thus far. Please visit their Facebook page and give them a “Like” and “Share”.

Kind regards
Lee Kendall
WEPF Sponsorship and Marketing Director

We are excited about this opportunity to be the Official Clothing Provider for the World Eight Ball Pool Federation.
We have been working with the WEPF to design and delivery a great jersey that is held to the expectations that our customers hold us to.
Every jersey is hand-made and the workmanship and attention to detail is top quality. We make our own material with is moisture-wicking, soft, and extremely comfortable.
Our quality and creativity is the reason we are a 5x Official Clothing Provider of the Mosconi Cup and World Pool Masters.
Additional events on SkySports are World Cup of Pool and the Weber Cup.
We have recently launched a new website for our international customers to shop and create custom team jerseys.
We hope you enjoy our products and experience the difference.

Charles Peterson
C.E.0 / Founder



The WEPF are excited to announce two new events to the 2020 World Championships :

  • The 2020 World Mens Doubles Championships
  • The 2020 World Ladies Doubles Championships

We are also proud to say one of the World leading Cuemakers Jason Owen Cues will be the title sponsor for these two prestigious events.

We feel that this is a great addition to the championships and we hope you embrace it and make it a huge success.

In the first year it will only be the team players that will be allowed to enter. Both players must be from the same country.

Kind Regards
Lee Kendall
WEPF Sponsorship and Marketing Director

"Its a great honour to be involved with the WEPF team by sponsoring the newly born Pairs event. A lot of hard work is going into the Worlds, and im more than happy to support the WEPF and in turn support Pool."

Jason Owen



The WEPF and The “TOP” Rack are pleased to announce the rack of choice at the 2020 world titles. The Snuka Cheka and Spy Glass aid in determining snookers and foul snookers, in quick time.

The “TOP” Rack will be used exclusively during the event with custom branded racks specifically for the WEPF, which will be available for sale. Each pack will include one each of The Snuka Cheka and Spy Glass.

Kind Regards
Lee Kendall
WEPF Sponsorship and Marketing Director


New Comittee member

The WEPF Committee have co-opted David MaQuillan onto the WEPF Committee as an interim committee member (non voting).

To help out and call upon when needed.

This to be ratified at the next AGM as per Constitution.

Yours in Sport
Paula Landers
Interim WEPF Secretary