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EXTRACTS from the World Eight-ball Pool Federation CONSTITUTION and RULES

SECTION 1; Title, seat and purpose of the Federation

Article 1. Title

1. The World Eight-ball Pool Federation (hereinafter referred to as WEPF) is the organisation of the national Pool associations/federations in the World who play Eight-ball Pool.

2. The WEPF was established on 14th November 1992 in Perth, Western Australia, by the founder members Australia, England and New Zealand.

Article 2. Seat of the WEPF

1. The seat of the Federation is in England. The board may change the seat to another Country with the approval of a General Meeting.

Article 3. Purpose and aims of the WEPF

1. The WEPF is an independent and neutral organisation formed for the benefit of Pool players who wish to play Eight-ball Pool.

2. The WEPF does not wish to have any conflict with any other organisation in the Cue Sports world but merely wishes to promote the game for the playing population of the world. Whilst the WEPF have no wish to have any conflict with any other organisation in the cue sports world, this shall not preclude the WEPF from defending it’s interests and those of it’s members.

3. The purpose of the WEPF is to;
a) Unite the national Pool Associations/Federations in the world who play Eight-ball Pool and to support them in their efforts to promote the sport.
b) Delegate the staging of World Championships in Eight-ball Pool to a member country.
c) Set criteria for players able to participate in official championships and tournaments.
d) Provide international playing rules for both amateur and professional events in the game of Eight-ball Pool.
e) Sanction and delegate international tournaments.

4. The WEPF is a democratic organisation, it should assist and advise its members.

SECTION 2; Membership

Article 4. Members

1. There shall be three levels of membership of the WEPF (see also 28.2)
a) Full membership, with a voice and two votes
b) Affiliate membership, with a voice and one vote
c) Associate membership, with a voice but without a vote

2. An organisation requesting membership to the WEPF must be a players organisation and representing the players and be the leading organisation in its country wishing to play WEPF rules in international events and also must seek the approval of their respective Governments. Under special circumstances the Board may waive this criteria.

6. All members agree to acknowledge and to follow the constitution, rules and any supplementary rules of the WEPF that may be applicable at any given time.

7. The WEPF members accept its tournament and championship rules for international events. The WEPF wishes to harmonise the rules in member countries, however each member retains its independence in relation to their own national events.

8. Members must obtain authority from the board of the WEPF for their players to enter non WEPF international events.

9. Members shall provide the Secretary of the WEPF, details of their membership structure and the number of player members they have in their organisation.

SECTION 3; Acceptance, resignation and expulsion of members

Article 5. Acceptance of new members

1. The request for membership to WEPF must be in writing, addressed to the Secretary.

2. The following documents (in duplicate) must be sent with the request;
- Constitution and rules of the organisation requesting membership.
- Names and addresses of the officials of the governing body (committee, commission etc.).
- Number of affiliated clubs and the number of their members.
- A copy of the minutes of the meeting which decided to request membership.

SECTION 4. Organisation of the WEPF

Article 7. Financial year and Sports year

1. The financial year will be from one AGM to the next AGM.
2. The sports year shall correspond with the calendar year.

SECTION 5. Executive body of the WEPF

Article 10. In general

1. The General Meeting is the highest institution of the WEPF. The General meeting shall take place each year to coincide with the World Eight-ball Pool Championships, on a date and place fixed by the Executive committee.

Article 12. Powers of the General Meeting

1. The General Meeting discusses and decides on all points of the agenda.

2. The agenda shall include the following points;
a) approval of the agenda,
b) approval of the minutes of the last General Meeting,
c) checking and approval of the annual reports from-
- the President
- the Secretary
- the Treasurer and the Auditors
- any other officially appointed sub-committee, with a report
d) discharge of the Executive Committee and the Auditors
e) acceptance, expulsion or suspension of member federations
f) election of Executive Committee members and Auditors
g) fixing membership fees, tournament fees, as well as other levies or fees
h) approval of any budget for the coming financial year
i) recommendations from the Executive Committee - and
j) discussion and voting on proposals

Article 13. Right to vote and eligibility

1. Each member country shall be represented by one or more delegates (maximum of 3). All delegates have to be announced to the General Secretary before the meeting, giving their name(s) as well as the name of their organisation.

6. Player Eligibility.

1. Only Senior players recognised and endorsed by their National Association / Federation, are eligible to represent their Country in the W.E.P.F. World, European and Home Internationals or other full International matches.
(Full international match being defined as;- Any match between two member countries, excluding any friendly match with any other team or teams, in either Singles or Team events. Members need to advise the WEPF of any match they consider being a friendly).

2. To qualify to become a recognised player for a member country, a player must meet one of the following criteria:
a) Must have been born in the country he / she wishes to play for:
b) Must have a parent born in the country he / she wishes to play for:
c) Must have a Grandparent born in the country he/she wishes to play for:
d) Must hold Citizenship for the country he / she wishes to play for:

3. No player will be allowed to play for another Country, once he / she has played for any country, unless the player emigrates and takes up the nationality of that Country.

4. Players currently playing for a Country prior to the acceptance of this amended article. (June 2000), but not meeting the new criteria are permitted to continue playing for that Country, as a registered international.

5. An amnesty will apply until January 1st 2001 for players meeting the new criteria and who no longer wish to continue with their present country.

Article 14. Minutes

1. There shall be minutes taken on the decisions of the General Meeting.

Article 15. Extraordinary General Meeting

1. The Committee is entitled to call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at any time, giving due notice. The committee is obliged to call an EGM, if at least one third of the members request such a meeting in writing, stating the reason and the points to be discussed.

Article 16. Functions and composition of the Committee

1. The Committee is the executive body of the WEPF.

The members of the committee shall carry out the following offices;
- President
- Vice President
- General Secretary
- Treasurer
- Rules Revision
- Development Officer(s)

Article 19. Duties and competence

1. Committee members are obliged to safeguard the interests of the WEPF only.

2. The Committee deals with all of the business of the federation, which is not reserved for other designated authorities by the rules.

3. The Committee executes and supervises decisions taken by the General Meeting.

Article 20. Committee Meetings

1. The Committee meets when necessary.

2. The Secretary mails out invitations according to the instructions of the President.

Article 21. Reimbursement of expenses

1. All functions are honorary.

2. Members of the Committee as well as people elected by the General Meeting and assigned special tasks, shall be reimbursed by the Treasurer of the WEPF.

SECTION 6. Auditors

Article 22. Members

1. The Supervisory Committee consists of two auditors elected by the General Meeting as well as one replacement. They may not be members of the Committee of the WEPF.

Article 23. Duties

1. The auditors inspect the profit and loss account, the balance sheets as well as the inventory of the WEPF.

2. They submit a written report with a motion to the General Meeting.

3. If they think it necessary, the auditors are entitled to conduct an interim revision. They have, however, to account to the General Meeting for any such interim revision.

SECTION 8. Finances

Article 26. Income

1. The income of the WEPF consists of;-
- yearly membership fees
- entry fees into the World Eight-ball Championships
- tournament fees
- licence fees, and
- others

Article 27. Expenditure

1. The expenditure of the WEPF consists of;-
- trophies for the World Eight-ball Championships
- administrative costs
- printing/copying costs for constitution, minutes and regulations
- contributions to support junior sport development, and
- other expenditures decided on by the Committee or the General Meeting.

Article 28. Yearly membership fees

1. Each member of the WEPF pays to the Treasurer an annual membership fee, which is fixed by the General Meeting.

4. Lapsed members shall not be re-admitted into the WEPF if they are the same organisation, until all previous debts are cleared.

Article 29. Administration of the finances

1. The Committee is responsible for administering the finances of the WEPF. It is responsible for the expenditures being in relation to the income.

2. There shall be four signatories to the WEPF account and any two from four of those persons may sign cheques, these persons shall be; President, Vice President,
Secretary, Treasurer.
3. The Treasurer shall set a budget for presentation to the Executive for approval, the period being from one AGM to the next AGM

Article 30. Liability

1. The WEPF is liable to the extent of its property.

2. Any personal liability of individual Committee Members is excluded.

SECTION 9. Authority and discipline

Article 31. In general

1. a) Through its authorities, the WEPF may inflict sanctions on its members for improper behaviour of their representatives, members, teams or individual players.

b) The WEPF has a drugs policy and reserves the right to implement that policy, and also take appropriate disciplinary action against those persons found to be in breach of that policy.

Article 32. Disciplinary proceedings

1. The WEPF distinguishes between the following sanctions;

- warning of representatives, members and players,
- suspension of officials,
- suspension of members and/or their teams or players for a certain time and/or
certain tournaments, and
- expulsion of members from the WEPF.

2. Authorities of the WEPF are entitled to combine several sanctions.

Article 33. Applicability of sanctions

1. People and authorities liable to observe statutes and regulations of the WEPF may be sanctioned in case of their deliberate or negligent violation, or in the case of inappropriate behaviour.

Article 34. Objections

1. Sanctions which have not been imposed by the General Meeting can be objected to. The next Ordinary General Meeting has the final decision on objections.

Article 35. Expulsion from the WEPF

1. Expulsion of a member can only be made on one of the following grounds;-

- serious and wilful violation of the constitution or regulations of the WEPF, as well
as non-observance of decisions taken by the General Meeting.
- default to meet the financial obligations towards the WEPF, and
- incorrect actions, bringing the sport into disrepute, damaging the image and
prosperity of the WEPF

SECTION 10. Dissolution of the WEPF

Article 38. Resolution for dissolution

1. A resolution for the dissolution of the WEPF may only be passed at a General Meeting called for this purpose, with a majority of three quarters. At least two thirds of the members of the WEPF must be present.

2. If the General Meeting should not have a quorum, another General Meeting shall be called within three months. This second General Meeting shall have a quorum irrespective of the members present and may decide on the dissolution with a three quarter majority.

3. Management, utilisation, or disposal of any possible assets, shall be decided on by the General Meeting voting on the dissolution. Assets shall not be divided up between members.

SECTION 11. Final clauses

1. These regulations of the WEPF were amended and came into force with the approval of the General Meeting

2. The WEPF may, in addition to playing rules, make other by-laws from time to time as the General Meeting decrees.

Strictly copyright of the World Eight-Ball Pool Federation and may not be copied or distributed in any media form either partially or whole, without the express permission of the W.E.P.F. in writing.

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